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To Bangladesh and beyond is not a travel agency; it is a gateway, bridging the gap between you and the local service providers throughout the country. It is a concept, an initiative, infusing the combined resources of Grace Tours, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Interspeed Media, a Dhaka based advertising company.

Via this website you will not only be able to have an overview of available destinations within Bangladesh and different levels of accommodation, (on our website, you can choose from a wide variety of accommodations – homestay hideaways, heritage hotels & palaces, rural farms, beach villas, jungle lodges, spa retreats, and even tree-houses!), but you will also be able to contact locally based hotel owners and tour guides, ask questions, provide answers and buy travel products and services all in one place.

Why should my company Join is dedicated to showcasing and promoting all that Bangladesh has to offer. It is a company based in Bangladesh that holds its focus on enabling independent travelers to have access to refreshing, extensive travel information, while also providing the option to book direct with locally based hotels and travel providers.

Our website acts as a gateway, bridging the gap between you and the traveler, it is designed to offer rich information, inspiring the customer to contact one of our members directly using our online interface, and book directly with them.

Global travelers increasingly want an authentic destination experience. They want to plan their holiday by communicating directly with local hotels or travel operators; they want to stay with local residents, they want to try local cuisine, and they want to immerse themselves completely in the local culture. And most of all, they want to know that the money they spend is going to local entrepreneurs, communities, and individuals. Our use of professional, full time travel writers, along with part time writers drawn from various occupations, advertising professionals, business consultants, and even poets, all living and working in India or Bangladesh, enables us to paint an image, to weave a rich tapestry of what the potential traveler can experience on their trip, experiences that will be unforgettable.  Evocatively written, our write ups give a real feel of the places reviewed. Remember, a contented traveler is a returning traveler!

Here are four good reasons for why you should be come a member.

We create a knowledge library and marketplace.
All members’ products are reviewed by professional travel writers and the material gathered is put together in a way that it gives a complete picture of all the things that readers need to know. These could be information about the place, all the activities they can do in the area, the pros and cons of the place, what they need to take with them while staying at these places and how they can get there etc. Therefore the website is actually a knowledge library or a market place rather than what we normally find on other websites filled with short and useless information.

We market the site therefore marketing your products.
We continually do market research and use the latest marketing methods in order to promote the site and naturally if the site is well promoted, then your products are promoted. The current marketing efforts are concentrated on marketing through social networking media such as Facebook and Twitter. We also market your products through search engines as well as participation in various international travel fares such at WTM (World Travel Market) and ITB Berlin.

We directly connect travelers with travel service providers.
What was needed was a way to bridge the needs of this new segment of traveler with the experiences available across the country. Tourism enterprises, particularly the small hotels, homestays, community based tourism projects, and small tour operators needed to create more awareness of their offerings globally but did not have the marketing budgets of larger operators. And travelers needed an inspiring yet trusted source of information about these products and services, and could book directly with them. We showcase your products in the best possible way to the outside world and let travelers book directly from you. We bring clients to your doorstep.

We create a social network of travelers and locals for your benefit. is more than a travel website it also has the capability of letting travelers and the locals in Bangladesh interact, ask questions, get answers, be informed about the different events in different destinations or simply put, have an engaging experience.

We have created this in order to let locals engage and promote their country to travelers as well as enabling (prospective) travelers to interact and become involved even before they set off on their journey.