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To Bangladesh and beyond is not a travel agency; it is a gateway, bridging the gap between you and the local service providers throughout the country. It is a concept, an initiative, infusing the combined resources of Grace Tours, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Interspeed Media, a Dhaka based advertising company.

Via this website you will not only be able to have an overview of available destinations within Bangladesh and different levels of accommodation, (on our website, you can choose from a wide variety of accommodations – homestay hideaways, heritage hotels & palaces, rural farms, beach villas, jungle lodges, spa retreats, and even tree-houses!), but you will also be able to contact locally based hotel owners and tour guides, ask questions, provide answers and buy travel products and services all in one place.

Geography & Climate

Primarily flatland alluvial topography: In plain English, this means it’s as flat as pancake and criss-crossed with braided rivers. The one exception is the Chittagong Hill Tracts, where rolling hills gently climb away from the inland coast right up to the border with Northeast India and Myanmar. While in the flatlands, exploring by river is best, but when in the hills its best to get your boots on. Forest cover is minimal except in the Sunderbans, where multi-day boat tours allow visitors a taste of calm of respite from the intense nature of Bangladeshi cities.

Although the Bangladeshis name six seasons over their landscape, these are more easily grouped into three seasons: the monsoon, the winter and the summer. The steamy monsoon season (June to September) is perhaps the prettiest and most romantic of the three seasons but also the least predictable for travel for its occasional bouts of torrential downpour that bring life to an absolute standstill for brief periods. The winter (October to early March) is the best time to travel for those more accustomed to temperate climates and there is little chance of having a rain day but the monsoon’s moody clouds and spectacular lightning storms remain backstage. Finally, the hot season (late March to June) is best avoided if possible, although delicious fruit (succulent lychees, abundant mangoes and perfumed pineapples) tend to hit the markets during May and June.