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To Bangladesh and beyond is not a travel agency; it is a gateway, bridging the gap between you and the local service providers throughout the country. It is a concept, an initiative, infusing the combined resources of Grace Tours, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Interspeed Media, a Dhaka based advertising company.

Via this website you will not only be able to have an overview of available destinations within Bangladesh and different levels of accommodation, (on our website, you can choose from a wide variety of accommodations – homestay hideaways, heritage hotels & palaces, rural farms, beach villas, jungle lodges, spa retreats, and even tree-houses!), but you will also be able to contact locally based hotel owners and tour guides, ask questions, provide answers and buy travel products and services all in one place.

Chittagong Division

With its bright beaches, tropical rainforests, wild Asian elephants, rolling hillside scenery and ethnic diversity, the Chittagong Division is in many ways an essential part of the Bangladesh travel experience. Because of its diversity and geography, it requires a trip all on its own.

Chief among its destinations is the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT). Although several travel advisories still label the CHT an ‘unsafe’ place to travel, it is a designation that this gem of a travel destination surely does not deserve. With 11 different ethnicities living in villages dotting the hills, it is an amazingly ‘pure’ destination to visit, the least discovered place in a country still totally unknown by the Western world.

Next down the list of division destinations is the precious tract of forest that forms the Teknaf Game Reserve, where Bangladesh’s last population of wild Asian elephants still ambles in and out of the forest. The reserve lies at the southern tip of the world’s longest natural beach, known popularly as Cox’s Bazaar. Much of this beach remains undeveloped and unexplored by all but the hardiest of travellers, as the dirt road traversing this 90km stretch of beach is only tractable by motorcycle or four-wheel drive jeep.

The mangrove at Cox’s Bazaar town has long been replaced by a jungle of hotels; serious overdevelopment and crowding issues means that responsible travellers would best avoid the resort at the northern tip of the beach and make their way south. A similar fate has also befallen St. Martin’s Island, although there are still areas of the island where boatloads of domestic tourists do not spoil the tranquillity that exists here.

  • Trekking in the Chittagong Hill Tracts – remote and rugged, but absolutely gorgeous and virtually unexplored by Western travellers. The region is slowly opening up to more tourists, but for the time being there are still restrictions and permissions required to travel in this area, and there may be some difficulties dealing with local police and army forces at various checkpoints along the way. Bottom line: if you’re at all adventurous the destination is worth it!

  • Teknaf Game Reserve – A chance to glimpse wild Asian elephants and trek in a pristine bit of rainforest tucked away at the southeast tip of mainland Bangladesh.

  • Any stretch of the beach away from Cox’s Bazaar – while the beach resort at Cox’s Bazaar suffers from fairly rabid overdevelopment, the rest of the beach remains fairly pristine and very rural.